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Apple Mythology: The Fruit that Launched A Thousand Ships

Apples are a storied fruit; their trees were possibly the earliest to be cultivated. Alexander the Great is thought to have found dwarfed apples in Kazakhstan in 328 BCE - these early trees produced fruit with hardly any of the sweetness we associated with apples today. As with any food that’s been around this long, the mythological, biblical and historical references run deep! Here are some of our favorites ...

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Small- batch canning 101: You'll thank us in January!

Have you fantasized about preserving seasonal foods but been a little afraid to take the leap? We feel ya. Thankfully, canning needn’t be an overwhelming, destroy-your-kitchen-messy, days-long process. By working in small batches and using the proper tools, you can savor summer long after it’s gone … You’ll thank us in January!

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15 Ways to Use Za'atar

Za'atar is one of the most ancient and traditional spice blends in the world, and is found at the heart of every pantry, table, and gathering in the Middle East. It’s more than just a spice mix - it’s a cultural icon, a symbol of hospitality and a staple of any good meal.

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