Want Perfectly Cooked Squash? Oven Butter Steam It!

How do you cook winter squash without it turning out dry and stringy or soggy and flavorless? You steam it in the oven with butter. Your result will be succulent, butter infused squash that is melt in your mouth delicious for eating straight up or adding to soups or salads.

And here's how easy it is:

Preheat the oven to 4oo. Slice your squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. This works with every kind of winter squash. I used the local Virginia striped spaghetti squash that we brought to you last week. Take some good quality butter, unsalted is best and we're kind of particular to the grass pastured butter that we carry from Trickling Spring Creamery. Plop some pats on your squash. It does not have to spread on...the butter is going to fall into the water just below the squash.

Turn the squash over so cut side is down on a baking pan that has a 1 inch deep side. Fill the pan up with water so the water comes up about a half inch on the outside of the squash like the first picture above.

Pop in the oven and bake for half hour to 40 minutes depending on what size and variety of squash you are using. These guys were big so it took about 40 minutes. Check on them by piercing with a knife and seeing how tender they are. BE CAREFUL when you open the oven door and don't put your face or hands too close until the steam dissapates. Steam burns hurt the worst!!

When they are tender (but not collapsing in on themselves) take them out of the oven and flip the halves over...again, taking care to stay clear of the steam. Look how beautifully the turn out! The buttery steam has been swirling around up there making them taste so good and well, buttery!

With this method there is no chance to turn out with dry squash that is clinging to it's skin. You'll notice above how the squash easily and cleanly pulls away from the skins...no waste and no peeling if you want squash for soups or other dishes (lasagna anyone?). Heck, you could serve some meatballs and sauce right there in the squash skin for a gluten-free/paleo spaghetti squash dinner!

I happen to love squash of all kinds so a little salt, freshly ground pepper and a tiny bit more butter and voila...lunch!