Use It Up: The Kitchen Sink Drink

Once upon a time I was throwing away veggies like it was my job. It would kill me; I'd spend money on lovely, organic or local vegetables, and find myself chucking them into the trash in a week because I let them go to hell in a crisper-basket.

Then, I started making green smoothies. Now, I can't tell you the last time I pitched produce. Why? Because I'm drinking every last scrap. AND, enjoying it. These drinks are not nose-plugging-nasty-chug-it-down-before-you-yak kind of tonics. They're what I like to call elixirs of life! And small pores! And gut shrinkage! And every other thing a whole darn head of cabbage could probably cure...

This weekend's Use It Up Recipe is a drink. Not unlike when I talked about drinking bok choy, but this particular blended wonder was literally every color in the rainbow -- AND -- everything but the kitchen sink. Oh, and did I mention delicious? (or without sweetener of any kind??) My kids drank it, my husband drank it...and yep, even the puppy drank it...

Truly, how else could you eat the same amount of raw kale and purple cabbage? Without choking it down as though someone had a gun to your head?! Think about it.

The whole premise of "green" smoothie making is to do 60% veggies -- the majority of the drink -- but then sweeten with 40% fruit. So, essentially, you don't even realize you're drinking greens. Plus, unlike juicing, smoothies allow you to keep all the fiber and roughage, so these potent beverages keep you full in addition to packing a nutrient punch.

So, get your blenders runnin' -- and get ready to clean out your crisper.

The Kitchen Sink SmoothIe

(literally, use whatever you have kicking around...this "recipe" is purely for inspiration)

1 half head purple cabbage, chopped
1 half head kale
half pack of frozen pineapple
half pack of frozen raspberries
1 avocado without the seed
1 banana
2 oranges, peeled
2 lemons, peeled
2 carrots
16 ounces water

Throw all ingredients in blender (I looove my'll never go wrong taking the plunge on the Porsche of blenders) and puree. Drink. Run to the mirror and strip naked. Watch the pounds melt away.