The No Cereal Breakfast

This is just a quick post about breakfast. Now that it's back to school -- or almost -- it's back to reality. This summer, though we certainly chowed down on yogurt with fruit and chia seeds for our morning meal, we also had things like, ummm...donuts...sugary cereals...and, if I'm being 100% honest, even cake. In fact, my kids ate red velvet yesterday at 8am. Yep, that was a recipe for hyperactivity (thank you, Red #666), but in spoiling them at the first meal of the day, I've noticed it throws the rest of their day's eating into chaos. I mean really, after you have vanilla creme first thing, who wants to go back to kale? Or even chicken? Heck, I just want to drown myself in a vat of Velveeta after a brick-heavy breakfast like that.

So this morning, when my kids woke up at the crack of dawn demanding "Gorilla Munch" -- some crummy sugary (but gluten-free) cereal I sometimes have on hand for bribery reasons or when the grandparents visit and spoiling seems necessary -- I held my ground. And then I made them eggs with broccoli and tomatoes. And bacon. And cantaloupe. And grapes. Some may tell me the bacon -- or even eggs (did you read this crazy article) -- aren't so swell, well, I beg to differ. My growing little monkeys need fat and protein, and you know I'm a Weston Price fan from reading this blog, so my thinking is a little bacon is good for 'em. And me.

So here is my Washington's Green Grocer breakfast. The kids ate up -- so did my husband and I -- and I feel like I'm one step closer to erasing vacation food and a steady diet of empty carbs from their palettes! Well, until gotta cheat sometimes...