The Local Thirty Challenge!

The fabulous Andrea Bemis of Dishing up The Dirt announced that she and her team at their farm were embarking on a Local Thirty Challenge for the month of September.  We're always down for a challenge, especially when it supports our local farmers and producers which is what Washington's Green Grocer has been about for the last 24 years! So, we are joining Andrea and many others in this challenge to take a look at where our food comes from.

Local 30 is about spending 30 days eating all of our food from within 200 miles of your doorstep. This can be very challenging! Because think about it; even if your coffee is roasted down the road it is a very good chance the beans are not grown within 200 miles.  BUT WAIT (yeah we see you going to close this page!)  this is about awareness not limitations so you can have TEN CHEAT THINGS (coconut milk is on our list!) where you don’t need to source them locally. Buying them locally is suggested and from places where the money goes deeper into the community is best practice though whenever possible on these items (oh Hi,yep that's us again). 

SO we've put together a Local 30 Box that you will be able to add to your BYOB preference or switch your box type to for the whole month of September or just one week if you want to try it out. The box will contain 8-10 produce items and a couple of non-produce items we hand select for this box specifically.  Look for it under produce starting Saturday, September 1st. 

ALSO, we are creating a Local30 tab that will have all of our item that meet the 200 mile criteria (which is the majority of our catalog!) so you can shop from there and not have to think twice about if that item meets the challenge.

We're excited and hope you join for the month or start with just a week and go from there!  We'll be sharing lots on social and on our blog. Use the hashtag #LocalThirty and #wgglocal30 

Also, be sure to check out the complete scoop on Andrea's blog Dishing up the Dirt where you'll find details of the program, her cheat list and loads of recipes.  Let's do this!!