Salad for Breakfast December 30, 2010

Day Four of Salad for Breakfast has me wanting to have something I can eat with my hands. Maybe it has something to do with the dream I had last night about fresh apple cider donuts and a nice hot cup of coffee! Well, the donuts were out, but I had a lovely cuppa with these "salad rolls" and it did the trick. I think tea would have gone better with these...maybe a nice white tea, but hey...I'm having salad for breakfast for goodness sakes! I'll have to ease into the tea.

Here's what was in today's SFB: Butter lettuce leaves for rolling, pink grapefruit segments, slices of avocado, cucumber spears and slivered dried apricots. Pretty simple, but the grapefruit was super juicy and blended nicely with the avocado for substance.

They were really tasty and fun to eat.. Not the donut I dreamed about (?!) but definitely yummy.