Salad for Breakfast 12/29

Here's what got tossed around in this morning's Salad for Breakfast:

Green leaf lettuce, mixed lentil sprouts, sliced apples, roasted cashews and almond buttered toast "croutons" with a Curry, Yogurt Mint Vinaigrette: 1 cup plain yogurt, tablespoon chopped fresh mint, juice from one lemon, pinch of salt and about a half teaspoon of curry powder. Shake it all up in a jar and you’ve got dressing!

This salad did a good job of carrying me through to lunch time. Poor Zeke had to have two wisdom teeth pulled this morning so while I was crunching away on this tasty salad, he was starving (nothing to eat or drink from midnight on!). It's all done now and he's loving the curried split pea soup that I made yesterday...nice and soft.