Salad for Breakfast December 27, 2010

Ah, after fattening up on holiday fare for the last 2 months, it feels good to get back to Salad for Breakfast. I encourage you to join us in our Salad for Breakfast challenge for the month on our Facebook page. Post your pics and experiences and share in the SFB fun.

This is a primer week for me, so I made sure I have lots of goodies on hand. Lots of chopping ahead of time makes it easy to throw together a salad while the coffee or tea is brewing!

Today's Salad for Breakfast consisted of:

Navel Orange segments, half an avocado, cubed, raw shredded beet tossed with a sprinkling of Hemp Seed Nut, and toasted almond oil, some chopped tamari roasted almonds, a sprinkling of chopped Italian parsley and a squeeze of lime over the whole thing.

Raw beets are incredibly beneficial to the cleansing/detoxing process. They also posses powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Raw, cooked or juiced, eat 'em up!

The Hemp Seed Nut is a great form of protein when you want a vegetarian protein option and the roasted almond oil gives everything a velvety, nutty taste that I'm crazy about.

So, that's the first salad of the next Month of SFB. Make sure you check back often...I'm going to create a blog category for Salad for Breakfast so the entries are easy to find. I hope you are inspired to join us!