Rad Radish Sandwiches with Arugula on Multigrain Bread

I wasn't a believer before, but I'm telling you, radish sandwiches rock. With a capital R.

We made these tonight for a quick dinner and I'm not going to lie, folks, everyone (both kids included) scarfed 'em down. I was so shocked and happily surprised that I even took a picture as proof. I couldn't imagine my kids eating radishes (just because they can seem a little spicy to a little one) but they did.

This is great too, because radishes are really good for you. An oft overlooked root veggie, they do everything from fight oral, kidney, and stomach cancer to boost one's folic acid (so crunch on these little suckers if you're looking to get pregnant in the near future). I served the sandwiches on the Lyon Bakery's multigrain bread and topped them with a good handful of fresh arugula and a little squeeze of lemon. And salt. Lots of Himalayan salt.

Though we had radish sandwiches for dinner, this quick meatless meal would even make a great lunchbox alternative to peanut butter and jelly or the like. Channel Ernest Hemingway while you munch; this was his favorite sammie around. Not to mention, you'll probably be the only person in the office with this in your lunchbox. Pick up chicks by bragging about your superior palette! Win money by asking people to bet what's in your brown bag! The possibilities are endless...enjoy.

Rad Radish Sandwich with Arugula on Multigrain

2 toasted slices of multigrain bread (Lyon bakery's is my bread of choice, no GMOs or icky additives)
a few hefty slatherings of pastured butter
radishes, sliced lengthwise and very thin
a handful or two of fresh arugula
squeeze of fresh lemon (for overtop the greens)
salt of choice

Make sandwich. Eat. (Don't you love recipes like this!)