Pretty Flowers and a Stellar Sandwich


The best reason to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show is pictured above. That's the super tasty Italian Roast Pork Sandwich with Sharp Provolone and Broccoli Rabe. My Mom and I have been going to the Flower Show for the past 14 years now. When we first started, we took the whole day roaming around the show, oohing and awing over the installations and the 259 year old Bonsai trees. We combed the vendors stalls for heirloom seeds and the perfect gardening gloves.

It was all very civilized and flowery until the day that we gave up lunch at our usual spot in the Reading Terminal Market and tried a sandwich at DiNics counter. Now, we practically sprint through the flower show, make a cursory stop at our favorite vendors, take our annual picture at the Grand Entrance and make a beeline for DiNics. It is very near uncivilized now, as we jockey for a spot at the counter ("oh, you're just finishing, great..we'll wait right here"), order up the delicousness and then savor every bite.

Now we are oohing and awing over the perfect bread, the succulent roast pork, the way the sharpness of the provolone almost makes your throat itch and how that bitter broccoli rabe is the crowning glory of this masterpiece. All the while, we are using up every one of the napkins in the stack that the server plops in front of us. And then it's over. Done. We make sure we have wiped our faces and then roam the market chatting, maybe grab a a few goodies to bring home, stop by the Fair Food Farm Stand and say howdy.

These folks carry some of the same goods sourced from from local south eastern Pennsylvania farms as Washington's Green Grocer does. Sometimes we find something brand spankin' new on the market and give it a try. Then, in a whirl of scents and visuals, we look at each other and know that it's time to pack it up and head home.