Our Top 5 Recipes for turning Brussels Sprouts Haters into Lovers


How's everyone feeling about brussels sprouts these days? We were thinking they held kale status, certainly cauliflower status, but in a recent conversation among fellow food lovers, we took a poll and the cutest member of the cruciferous club was still pretty high on the most unloved vegetable lists.  So here we offer you a small arsenal for converting the holdouts.

Source: Fine Cooking Magazine

This is an excellent place to start for those holdout haters. First, pasta. Second, bacon in the form of pancetta which is Italian Bacon o even better. Third (But not last) divine crunchiness for perfectly balances textures from toasted hazelnuts and last, cheese...parmesan...go crazy with it. Spaghetti with Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Hazelnuts...your secret seduction weapon. Make it.

Source: WhiteonRiceCouple

From WhiteonRice Couple comes this masterpiece - Baked Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan.  Not gonna lie, it's rich and decadent, but remember, you're on a mission here!

Source: Cookies +Kate

A Chinese Take Out Twist, these Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts are highly addictive with their sweet, spicy and peanutty flavors. 

Source: A Pinch of Yum

Bacon, nuts and a tangy twist of lemon and orange juice make this Bacon and Brussels Sprouts salad a great way for the newbies to try a raw version of this cruciferous wonder.

Source: Brussels Sprouts For Breakfast

Will you look at that...you're newly formed Brussels Sprouts lover is ready to have them for breakfast and this Brussels Sprouts and Chorizo Beer Hash is just the ticket. With a nice yolky egg and smoky, spicy chorizo there is no turning back..it's official, mission accomplished!