Miracle Tonic #1: Spicy Lemonade

All righty guys and gals. It's mid-May and only a few more weeks until the pools open and bathing suit season officially begins. So I wanted to share a quick way to help banish some bloat and get you feeling in top form.

I used to drink this, and at one point, even attempted to do the Lemonade Fast, but, like so many healthy ideas, I just forgot about it. However, I was recently reminded and so I'm back to taking this easy-as-all-get-out restorative drink and I hope you'll consider it too.

All you need is water, some organic lemons, and high quality organic cayenne pepper. Food Babe does a great post about all the health benefits of cayenne and lemon, and her glowing skin is a selling point all its own. Check it out and -- bottoms up!


juice of one lemon (I leave my lemons at room temperature so they are easier to juice in my reamer)
8 ounces filtered water (room temperature or luke warm)
5 dashes of cayenne pepper

Mix all together. Guzzle.