MicroGreens Project

Chances are you've heard of Alli Sosna, but do you know about her latest project;MicroGreens? We are proud to be supporters of and donors to this fantastic endeavor. MicroGreens is an innovative program that works with schools and non-profit organizations to educate children and low-income families about how to make healthy choices based on a government-supplemented food budget. Through one class a week over an eight week period, MicroGreens fellows showcase how anyone can shop for, prepare, and enjoy a healthy meal based on a total budget of $3.50 per meal per family of four.

Each lesson enhances student's culinary expertise and gives them the confidence to use those skills at home, from food preparation like roasting and braising to kitchen safety and team work.

MicroGreens is the project of D.C.-based "chef-preneur" Alli Sosna. With experience cooking in some of the most reputable restaurants in Washington, D.C. as well as cooking on Food Network's CHOPPED, and feeding over 1 million healthy meals to kids in D.C.'s school children, Chef Alli now partners with a number of national groups to promote healthy food in schools including the Partnership for a Healthier America and has participated in conversations around food access and health at the White House on multiple occasions.