Meyer Lemon Gimlet

It's Meyer lemon season again and there are literally hundreds of things you can do with these little gems. Here's a great article for inspiration -- which links to recipes for everything from Meyer lemon pizzas to Meyer lemon dog treats. Because really, what dog's breath couldn't be improved with a little Meyer zest for good measure? Anyhoo, I opted for the Meyer lemon gimlet. And you know what? After a few of these, I couldn't tell you if my dog was a Meyer lemon! In fact, by #3 I think he was actually mixing the drinks!!

Ahem...cutting to the chase: I found this drink idea on Food Punk and simply added a little organic brown sugar to my simple syrup mixture for a little flair. I'm not normally a gin drinker, preferring Snoop's classic, Gin & Juice to actually drinking the stuff. In fact, I can't drink gin without immediately singing these totally-dirty-and-definitely-not-suitable-for-work lyrics. But this was different -- so delish!

Meyer Lemon Gimlet

(from Food Punk)
4 oz gin (I used Bombay)
1/2 oz fresh Meyer Lemon juice
1 oz Meyer lemon simple syrup ( 2 tablespoons juice and sugar boiled and cooled)

Mix the ingredients and some ice, in cocktail shaker, pour into a martini glass garnish with lemon rind sliver.

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