Memory Lane + a Date Shake

This week's earlier post for my guacamole recipe that I've been making since I was 13, had me not strolling, but jogging down memory lane. Spending high school summers on the beach with friends that were the best (I pre-date the word "besties" and think it's awkward when anyone over 21 uses it to describe their best friends), walking for miles down the beach in search of "the boy" who gave us butterflies when we caught a glimpse of him, and eating huge quantities of Hav'a Chips (the best chip on the planet) and Guacamole because we were 16 and we could eat mountains of guacamole and still fit into our crochet bikinis.

All of the reminiscing brought to mind another uniquely SoCal treat, the date shake. There is a beautiful beach in Laguna called Crystal Cove, and perched above the beach on Coast Highway was the Crystal Cove Shake Shack. They were famous for their date shakes, which you will see below are very simple, and oh so delicious. The shack is still there and is now run by "Ruby's" restaurant. The Beachcomber restauran is still at Crystal Cove and is a real institution that also makes date shakes. If you're ever in Laguna - get there. For now...enjoy a date shake wherever you are.

Date Shake

Making a date shake is as simple as combining in a blender:

A handful of pitted Medjool dates

2 cups whole milk or 1 cup whole milk and a cup of vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream

Ice cubes if you want them. Original date shakes were more like thick date milk.

When it's all blended well so the dates are tiny bits, serve it with a sprinkling of nutmeg or cinnamon.

Makes 2 cups and serves 2...they are rich!

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