Independence for Fresh From The Vine!

As we all get ready to celebrate America's Indepence Day, we are quietly celebrating our own independence here in the WGG microsphere. We've been liberated from the confines of paper and .pdf and are excited to introduce this new Fresh from the Vine format. When we started Washington's Green Grocer almost 16 years ago,we created an actual "hard copy" of the newsletter every week...that's 760 plus newsletters! For those of you who still have them and are still our customers, we can't tell you how grateful we are for being part of our WGG family for so long. Next, we went to the fully electronic version of the newsletter (a pdf) but I never felt that it reached all of you as it was always sent as a link and sort of buried in the websie. I wanted a better way to reach you and communicate with you about all of the things that have inspired us (one way or another) over the week and I think this is just the ticket. Since the newsletter was primarily recipes, this format brings you a lot more, but you'll find links to recipes, quick recipes and I'm also working hard to build up lots of recipes on our "Recipes" page so it will be a convenient way to use what's in the box . Our main goal here is to make it work better for all of you, so as always, your feedback is very appreciated.