How to Seed a Pomegranate

Mother Nature really knows what she's doing. While the food scientists of the world are trying to concoct every different combination of high fructose corn syrup and "natural flavors" in the attempt to create the world's most addictive or delicious candy, good old Mama Earth gets it right in something as simple as the pomegranate berry. A bowl of these little treats is about as heavenly as it gets.

My only problem with pomegranates, for years, was that they seemed like such a pain to de-seed. I'd stain my clothes, face, and walls every time I tried to remove the berries. Ironically, the person that taught me the best way to do this is Lily. She was babysitting Ollie and newborn Tabby one day when she watched me fumble trying to remove the seeds and offered this tip. The result? Lifechanging!


So here's the trick: Cut the top of the pomegranate off, then cut into it like you're quartering it.

Now, plop the whole thing into a big pot or a large bowl and remove the berries under water. This way, the juice won't spray you and the little white pulp that surrounds the berries rises to the top. It's super easy to then skim off, drain the water, and all you have left is a big bowl of pomegranate berries to eat plain, throw on salads, or blend into a smoothie!