Egg Love in the Form of a Kale & Sweet Potato Frittata

A few years ago, when we first moved to Delaware, I decided I wanted to raise chickens. Not that I really wanted them as pets, but we go through an obscene amount of eggs. And it's not like I'm egging my neighbors houses in the dark of night. Don't be silly! I'd never waste my nice Heritage Breed eggs on them! That's what toilet paper is for...Kidding! Kidding!!!

Anywho, it's not unusual for us to chow our way through three dozen per week -- or more. So I figured by raising chickens I could have my fill of fresh laid eggs and get to build a cute little cottage for them in my backyard. My dad built me an insanely adorable two-story clubhouse when I was a kid and I figured he could do the same for my chickens. I imagined my chickens would be really smart and clean. My kids could play in the coop as well. They'd love the chickens like brothers (errr, sisters?). I could toilet train the little buggers. The possibilities were endless.

Then my husband suggested we look into the legality raising chickens. I said, "What are they going to do? Throw me in jail for this?" I figured it was probably just a $20 fine if the chickens were clucking too loud and the neighbors complained. Of course Grey then actually did find out what would happen. Indeed, I would be thrown in the slammer! For up to ten days! Yeah, um, so long story short, we never got any chickens.

So that is why I'm so excited about the Heritage Breed eggs. They are truly the best I'd ever had -- and come without the threat of jail time -- even better! Plus, I don't have to wake up at dawn in 30 degree weather to go feed any chickens to be able to eat them. Now that's a win/win in my book. So give this frittata recipe a whirl and enjoy these little gems with kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I paired mine with Balsamic & Bacon Collards...yum.

Kale, Carrot, & Sweet Potato Frittata

8-10 eggs
8 ounces of your favorite cheese, shredded (The Organic Valley cheddar is a good one here)
1 head kale, rinsed well and chopped into pieces
1 or 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into disks
2 carrots, shredded
1/2 cup milk or even half 'n half
1 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon coconut oil
a bit of water -- for steaming the potatoes and kale
salt & pepper, to taste

First saute your garlic and onion in a bit of coconut oil. Once they are browned, set aside. In the same skillet (I used my cast iron for my frittatas), add a little bit more coconut oil and your sweet potato disks and chopped kale.

Throw in a little water and cover the skillet on medium heat, so essentially, you're steaming the potatoes and kale. I do this because it saves me from cleaning an extra pot or pan by blanching the kale or boiling the potatoes. Once the potatoes are fork tender, turn off the heat and arrange the potato disks so that they are covering the bottom of the skillet. This will be your frittata's bottom layer. Then, in a separate bowl, whisk together your eggs and milk. Sprinkle your potato and kale layer with the onion and garlic, carrots, and then cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Lastly, pour the egg and cheese layer overtop. Bake in your oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes. For the last minute or so, I like to put on the broiler so the top gets a bit browned.