Delivery Dinner


Today, in the late afternoon craziness of laundering the Mount Fuji of dirty clothes, salvaging puppy-ravaged topless Barbie dolls, and tending to the Cadbury eggs somebody smooshed into the couch cushions, I did not feel like cooking. Yet, ironically, using a sharp, sharp knife seemed somewhat appealing, so dinner was a raw delight: crudit s with homemade herb dip. For the kids, I made mini bread bowls and the only thing to clean was my cutting board. And my wine glass. Oh yes, can't forget that!

I made the herb dip by combining one of my weekly regular add-ons to my Washington's Green Grocer box -- Seven Stars plain whole milk yogurt -- with another new addition to the GG offering -- Natural by Nature sour cream. I added equal parts yogurt and sour cream with a bunch of fresh herbs like parsley and dill with a shallot and some minced garlic (I forgot to include my spring garlic...DOH! It would have been delish with this) and TA-DA! Dip. Chopped some veggies and...Dinner! We grazed on the platter until bedtime (truth be told I'm eating a carrot stick now) and finished almost everything but the peppers.

The kids meal included one more step, cutting my Cuban baguette into pieces and hollowing out the center for some dip and veggies. I felt like some sort of post-modern sculptress sticking broccoli florets into these little snacks. Gotta love some artsy-looking EASY food!