Corn on the Cob Sampler


Corn on the cob is one of those magical summer foods that you can literally eat every single day from June 21st to September 21st and still be left wanting more once fall hits. For me, I love a good cob with just some butter and salt, but sometimes it's fun to spice it up and add some variety in my cob-serving.

I wanted to share a picture of my corn sampler I made the other night. This would definitely be fun to set out at a BBQ or picnic and once you get the seasonings set up, it's a cinch to coat the corn. These four seasonings were literally done in a matter of minutes, so it'd be fun to think of a few more...I'm seeing a Sriracha cob in my future....yuuuuummm.


Boil, grill, or steam your ears of corn. Whatever floats your boat on this one. Then, butter up your cobs to prep for coating! For my toppings I used:

  • Old Bay Seasoning (probably my favorite way to eat corn!)

  • Plain 'ol butter, salt, and pepper

  • Chipotle chili pepper corn drizzled with Mexican Crema (mine was homemade with a little creme fraiche, chili pepper, & garlic salt)

  • Pecorino romano with a little kosher salt, garlic salt, and parsley

Other ideas: Sriracha butter topped with green onions, crumbled feta with lime, brown sugar...the possibilities are endless!!!