Citralicious Ice Pops

As we usher in the dog days of summer everyone is looking for a way to stay cool (or at least I am!). Consequently, my newest obsession is homemade popsicles. I remember my mom making these in plastic containers that I'm sure contained BPA and all sorts of other things we never dreamed existed when I was a kid. So when I stumbled upon these cool stainless steel icy pop molds online, I ordered them pronto. It's so easy to just pour fresh lemonade, OJ, or even fresh brewed iced tea and have homemade pops in just a few hours.

Since I love my Arnold Palmers, I figured I'd try a similar mixture for a batch of popsicles. I love serendipiTea's Citralicious for iced tea, and I wanted to try with some fresh orange juice. When this mixture is in a glass, I've heard it called a Jefferson, and let me just say -- I think Jeffersons are even better frozen. So if you have ice pop molds sitting around -- give this concoction a whirl.

Citralicious Pops

freshly brewed ice tea (made with Citralicious tea from serendipiTea)
fresh squeezed orange juice (I used some organic navel oranges I added to my weekly delivery)

Mix liquid in popsicle molds in equal parts.

Freeze. Eat. Chill.