Berry Picking

We've established a new Fourth of July tradition in our family; foraging for wild berries. It just so happens that the first week of July is when berries hit their peak and are ripe for the picking. We have had our eye on a particular spot of wild raspberries for awhile now, watching them blush into their beautiful pallet of reds and finally ending up in the perfectly ripe garnet jewels that they were yesterday. We've hoped that the deer and birds wouldn't have wiped them all out before we got to them, but nature provides and the berries are in such abundance that there are enough for the deer, the birds, and many more foragers. Why not get out to do some exploring this week and and find yourselves a lovely bramble of berries? Bring a long sleeve shirt and some jeans, shoes and socks and be sure to do a thorough tick check when you are done. Since the brambles usually grown along the sunny edges of the woods, there are many tiny deer ticks waiting to hop on board.