Bartlett Pear and Maytag Bleu Crostini: Use It Up App

Have those pears from last week's box still sitting pretty in your fruit bowl? I did too so I made this handy little appetizer with them and they vanished in no time. Four ingredients and no dishes to clean except for a few crumbs on a cookie sheet -- yes, please!

Not to mention that every week we order a baguette or two and come the weekend, they're half eaten and someone has left them on the counter overnight so they're stale too. If I don't make homemade croutons out of them, I like to make little crostinis and this week, my perfect pears were the ideal topping.

Bartlett Pear and Maytag Bleu Crostini

a baguette, sliced into inch rounds (stale bread is best)
1/2 cup bleu cheese, my fave is Maytag creamy and good
2-3 ripe pears (The Bartletts from last week were truly delicious in this recipe)
1 tablespoon EVOO for brushing bread

Brush each piece of bread with a little EVOO. Toast on a cookie sheet in the oven on 350 for five minutes or until crispy. Take out, top with a pear and some crumbled bleu cheese. Pop back in the oven until the cheese is melted. Serve immediately.