More goodness for our littlest Green Grocers!


We promised you new things in the new year - and one of the areas we felt needed a some love is our kids catalog! We’ve expanded our offerings to include more organic snacks and popular, easily prepared foods that will appeal to the littlest members of our Green Grocer family.

As you can see, not all of these products are local, and we’re certainly not the only ones to carry them! Our goal is not to become (insert major national grocery delivery service here;)), but simply to make your lives easier - and healthier! - by offering these in addition to our locally sourced products. Our hope is that they may save you a trip to the grocery store and help your family find that delicate balance between healthy eating and convenience foods.

You can browse our new & improved kids catalog here. As always, our ears are wide open, so if there’s something your children love that you’d like us to carry, let us know!

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