8 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste


Goodness knows the Earth needs our help - and it's easy to feel helpless and guilty about the situation we’ve put our Mother in.

The good news? Even small changes to your routine can make a difference. Here are 8 easy ways to reduce household waste ... and most of them require no investment. You can start today!

1. Ditch the plastic bags! 

If you’re a Green Grocer customer, you’re already working toward the reduction of plastic! Our goods are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes or reusable insulated bags, and we opt out of additional packing materials whenever possible. For the times you do need a reusable bag (they’re not just for the grocery store!) we suggest keeping some cloth bags in the trunk of your car or right by the door … because remembering to bring them is the hardest part, right?!

2. Composting and recycling

You probably recycle already! Woohoo! But here’s the thing: Learning the proper procedures for your area is important - as well as learning to buy things that *can* be recycled. Here are some tips courtesy of the Huffington Post. And did you know that, in addition to cooking scraps, you can also compost paper towels and those greasy pizza boxes that can’t be recycled? If you compost already, great! If not, here’s an awesome infographic to get you started. 

3. Reusable drinkware

This one feels obvious, but isn’t always easy to stick to. Do you buy bottles of spring water at the gym? Send your kids to school with juice boxes? Invest in a good water bottle to keep on you at all times, and check out some of this reusable option for lunches!

4. Fridge and Freezer Storage

Instead of plastic wrap or plastic bags, try glass or stainless steel! Pyrex containers with BPA-free lids are great glass options, as are Ball jars - we have them stocked. Relevant read: The Definitive Guide to Storing Food Without Plastic.

5. Eco-friendly school lunch boxes

Compartmentalized lunch boxes are popular, and for good reason: They are convenient, durable and earth-friendly. The Planet Box is stainless steel and comes in three sizes; this EcoLunchBox is a 3-in-1 nesting set! If your kids prefer a bag, try this wool-insulated organic cotton bag - or check out the plethora of beautiful handmade options on Etsy!

6. Cloth napkins

Send them to school and replace your paper napkins or paper towels at home. Once again, Etsy has lots of super cute, one-of-a-kind designs

7. Reusable silverware

For hiking, camping, on-the-go-car-eating (guiltily raises hand) or school lunches … This set comes in fun kid colors, this oneis made of bamboo, and this one includes stainless steel chopsticks!

8. Reusable straws

At this point, you’re most likely aware of the movement away from plastic straws. Join us! We have both bamboo and stainless steel straws in The Goods.