About WGG

Washington’s Green Grocer has been supporting local farms and small businesses since 1994 by delivering their amazingly fresh food to your door. And 25 years later, we are still as excited and dedicated as day one! Visit our home site to have farm-fresh produce, locally sourced recipe kits and grass-fed meats & dairy delivered to your door!

Founded out of a desire to bring better, fresher produce to the good people of the Greater D.C. area, our priority and focus has always been to provide excellent quality produce and locally and regionally produced products - as well as stellar customer service - all while helping to grow, support and encourage sustainable local agriculture ... and to have fun doing it!

Over the years, we've attracted a wonderful group of people who work hard to support our mission (and you!). You may only meet a few of us, but we're all working together to make sure your Washington's Green Grocer experience is a great one.